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Binance downloads the official APP to prepare the DeFi weekly report, which is updated every week, and this week is the third issue. TokenInsight shows readers the hot spots of the DeFi market and NFT market in the past week in the form of a short PDF, including but not limited to financing, project progress, transaction data, etc. Friends are welcome to consult and exchange discussions. We know all we can talk about.


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In Binance APP downloading social media, the agreement is fragile, and the alliance is fleeting. Do your best to be provocative, and you will be rewarded. For example, conflict and confrontation can promote interaction in social media more than politeness or cooperation. For example, in early May of this year, Kyle Swenson, a 25-year-old clothing dealer in Orlando, Florida, suddenly noticed


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Binance APP official website download accounts are increasingly replacing their avatars with cartoon avatars of apes: apes wearing sunglasses or rabbit ears, apes wearing leopard prints or rainbow fur, apes smoking cigars, or laser beams from their eyes Ape. Many of the apes have bored expressions or grimaces. Some apes have cigarettes in their mouths or have red eyes.


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Binance App Within one day after the Binance Exchange APP was downloaded and launched, all 10,000 pictures of Bored Ape Yacht Club were sold out. On May 3, when Kyle Swenson decided to buy one. He paid about $1,700 on OpenSea, the NFT market, and bought one.

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He bought another one on Binance's official website. He had previously traded the NFT of NBA Top Shots, which was linked to popular shots in NBA matches and wonderful videos of basketball games in the form of NFTs, but he believes that this wave of buying boring apes is more influenced by others. "This is FOMO," he told me. "I see that many people who I value their views on NBA Top Shots have turned their avatar photos into boring apes.


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Binance’s official website downloads hyped their products on Twitter, the main public discussion area of cryptocurrencies, hoping to drive their products to sell out.


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Binance Every profile club on Binance's official website is a strange combination of a closed online community, a joint stock group, and an art appreciation club. When an ape (or cat, pill, or alien) is bought at a high price.

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Binance APP Download The central base of most clubs on the Binance Exchange is the real-time chat application Discord. The Discord server of Bored Ape Yacht Club has more than 13,000 members-fans and NFT holders


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Binance App Download Holding BNB grows with Binance ecology and the crypto world, download the Binance APP now to buy BNB.

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Binance Download APP Gargamel, who wears gold-framed glasses and a well-trimmed goatee on the official website of Binance Download, said that they are both "literary nerds." They grew up in Miami and met while drinking in a bar ten years ago. Goner, who has a tattoo on his chest, told me, "We had a heated argument about the American writer David Foster Wallace.

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